Monday, July 8, 2013

Artistic Inspiration #4: Sharon Montrose

The Animal Printshop by Sharon Montrose
Sharon Montrose is a commercial photographer who excels at creating prints featuring animals.
I first stumbled upon Sharon's work at THE ANIMAL PRINT SHOP when I was looking for a piece of art for a client who wanted to have a more masculine vibe in her space but didn't want architectural photos or anything too cliche' floral prints on the wall for her.
Dude Decor: the look of making your spaces more masculine

"The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose is an online art gallery and store created by Sharon Montrose together with her husband Spencer and operated with the help of their tight-knit team. Our fine art photographs feature Sharon's playful, yet sophisticated Animal Series, including her most beloved series, Little Darlings. We're committed to producing high quality art at an affordable price and our range of editions (both open and limited) offers options for various budgets. Sharon has taken great care in choosing paper stock and using the latest technology for digital capture and printing methods to ensure her works come to life in a way that's well-crafted, archival, and beautiful.
Melding her passion for photography with her love of animals, Sharon Montrose's definitive photographic style has made her one of the most sought-after commercial photographers specializing in animals for over a decade. In addition to eleven published photography books to her credit, Sharon shoots for some of the world’s foremost pet industry brands. Her animal series photographs are part of numerous public and private collections, including The Sir Elton John Photography Collection and have been awarded recognition by Communication Arts, Photo District News, The Art of Photography, Hey, Hot Shot!, and the International Photography Awards. More information about Sharon can be found at her
The animals photographed for this series are real live animals, raised (and many rescued) by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own and ensured their welfare while being photographed (in studio or outside at the facilities where they live, then photoshoppped into the backdrop). Through this series, we help support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife."

American Buffalo
"American Buffalo"
Baby Giraffe Little Darling
"Baby Giraffe" from Little Darlings Nursery Series

Baby Deer
"Baby Deer"
The Animal Print Shop
"Baby Fox"
The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
"Longhorn Steer"

Some of Sharon's "Little Darlings"

About Our Site
Sharon and one of her sweet subjects

To see Sharon's collections visit The Animal Print Shop, her website
as well as her blog.

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  1. Wow!! These are so cool, Amy!! I love, love, love that buffalo one! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof