Monday, July 8, 2013

Give Me the Goods Monday Link Party #15: Sunday Features

Give Me the Goods Monday Features

It’s time for the features from last weeks GMTG party!
We are mixing things up a bit around here! Instead of doing a combined features post, each of the hosts is choosing 4 of their favorites and featuring on their blog!
What does this mean for you? More chances to be featured!! It means that all 4 of us will be selecting our favorite 4 you have 16 chances to be featured. I'm really excited about this change for two BIG reasons: I ALWAYS have a tough time narrowing my picks down to only 2 favorites...I seem to always have 4 that I love...if not 40! The second reason why I love this reboot is because I now have the opportunity to share with you WHY I LOVE A FEATURE.  I won't just be selecting my favs, I'll be explaining why I love it and what I think about it. 
So, be sure to check out the other host’s features after leaving here, because you may be on their features for the week!
Jamie @ Better with Age
Without further ado, here are my picks this week:
After LIbrary Wall
This is the most amazing DIY from pre-fab units I've seen. Not to mention Kristen's incredible styling and finished look. She has great before and after's, great lighting elements, accessories and some super adorable models in her pics ;) I love how this room is completely transformed by her IKEA Billy's! 
Being a shoreline girl, I love nautical decor for the summer.  Laura shows how she made these (from scratch) so that you can make them, too. Love this idea...and with stores like Pottery Barn charging a pretty penny for their own versions, it is great to see that you can make these with things you may even already have in your garage.
Entry Hall one room three new ways at thehappyhousie
Are you stuck in a rut? Krista shows that with a little creativity you can change things up, seasonally or having fun with a theme. I'm not usually into THEME decorating, but I do love switching decor around and finding new ways of using things that you already have. Her post shows that with GOOD BONES you can do just about anything with your decor and it works. I've noticed that decorating has changed over the past 10-15 years: that less is more, and editing your collections is important. Rotating items and collections is in my opinion the way to go, instead of having everything out all the time.  My favorite look is the vintage school days version, btw.
Karen is an incredibly talented Paper Goods Gal. She knows colors and patterns...and if you didn't read the title of her post, you may just think that this is actually a bedroom reveal...but this is a post in a series that she has been sharing....a series about her daughter Nora's Dollhouse Makeover. I've followed her posts, last week I selected her Living Room Makeover...and I couldn't help myself...I had to select her Master Bedroom this week. It is the most chic Dollhouse I've ever seen and the fun of it all isn't just the stylish chevron walls, but the fact that Karen and Nora are crafting this project together.  What special memories they are creating! And I have to assume that they are learning so much about each other while they are working on this project. Can't wait to do this with my girls!

SO, these are my pics for Party #15!!!
Can't wait to see what you all share this week!!!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Thank you so much for featuring our entry hall three ways! I am so honoured and excited and you totally made my day!! I'm adding your button to my sidebar and my post. Thanks, too, for co-hosting your awesome party every week:)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our dollhouse!! We love this little project so much and are so happy to share!! :)