Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Splurge or Steal: Demijohns

Also called a "CARBOY" is a jug, jar or bottle with a narrow neck, that is used in transporting liquid...chemicals, wine, oil, etc.

Are you seeing these all over the place? I am. I'm seeing them as vases, accessories, and lamps.  I love them, always have. They are all over Italy, and  I almost scored a huge one in a wooden crate a few years back, but didn't want to pay $100 for it. I am kicking myself now, because even small demijohns can easily be $99. Obviously the Vintage Demijohns are more pricey. If you are looking for an authentic Demijohn then expect to pay anywhere from $99 to $299.  The color and quality of the glass will be more unique, not to mention could grow in value over time.  But if you aren't in that price range and you are just trying to get the look and not necessarily a collectible, then there are some great reproductions as well as lesser quality originals that will save you big $$.

Here is a Demijohn roundup....SPLURGE or STEAL???!!!


Crated Vineyard Demijohn
Crated Vineyard Demijohn, $199,  from High Fashion Home


PB Found Oversized Wine Bottle, Extra Large
Pottery Barn Wine Bottles, 24 inch, $199


Blue Mouth Blown Glass Vase; 11.8" height
Target , Blown Glass Vase, 11 inches, $17.99


Glass Floor Vase 21.65"
Target "Large Glass Floor Vase", 21 inches, $44.99 ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORES, NOT AVAILABLE ON LINE.
CHECK LOCAL STORE FOR STOCK. (My local Target had several).

I recently saw the 22 inch "FLOOR VASE" at Target. The website says it isn't available on line but only in stores. I couldn't stand it...I bought it...I had a $10 gift card and because there is a small flaw in the glass I talked the manager down to accepting $12 for it. Which meant that I got it for the gift card plus $2 out of pocket. It is a great piece. It is much lighter aqua colored glass than seen in the Target photo above. At this price, it would make for a great lamp, with a DIY lamp kit from a craft store.  I seriously can't wait to put this somewhere in my new house. Yes, we will be moving into our new home by the end of July.... I'll post where this Target aqua Demijohn ends up :)
Glass Floor Vase 21.65"
What do you think? Would you SPLURGE on one of the antique DEMIJOHNS...or would you go for the STEAL?

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