Monday, July 1, 2013

Briana's Sweet Desks!

adventures with polyurethane

You know when you find a project on line and you just HAVE to share??!!!
My friend, Briana, over at Sweet Dreams are Made of These has desks that I'm drooling over! You may remember Briana...she is the creative genius friend of mine that I've mentioned here, here and here!
We are friends {in real life, not just in BLOG LAND}...and we have so much in common, including many many moves AND a  love for repurposing vintage finds.  Briana has shared a fantastic step by step tutorial on how she went about turning some drap Industrial desks into something amazing... and as a first timer using Polyurethane.

polyurethane finish

Jump over to Sweet Dreams are Made of These to see Briana's complete tutorial and tips for PREPPING, PAINTING AND POLYING!!! I seriously love everything about these desks...the style, the color, the fact that you can wipe spilled MODGE PODGE off of them because they are coated with POLY!!!

A Big THANK YOU to Briana for letting me share this here at Commona-my House!!!

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