Friday, November 22, 2013

Blue Christmas Blog Hop: Wreaths or Wall Decor

Welcome back to the Blue Christmas Blog Hop!!!
There are 7 of us contributing to this fun Series!
I am LOVING seeing what these creative ladies post every is so much fun to see their style and ideas and think of how I can change things up in easy and inexpensive ways. 

Last week we showed you our ideas for Blue Ornaments...

This week it's all about sharing our ideas for adding blue to wreaths and/or wall decor for a fresh spin on your Christmas Decor!

I mentioned last week that I don't really have a lot of blue decorations. But I love the blue look at Christmas. I have a lot of blue in my home, so this was an easy transition to start incorporating touches of blue to things I already have.
I think it is natural to WANT to go and buy new things each season...that;s what the big stores really want all of us to do, so that's why they push the trends and design styles in different ways each season. But if you have a few basic sort of staple pieces you can change them up each year by just adding different ribbon or changing out small touches here and there.

I made this coffee filter wreath at a craft night a couple of months ago.
It was very inexpensive, I believe under $4 to make!
{There is a great tutorial here if you'd like to make your own}.

I've used it several times since I made it.
I put orange and houndstooth ribbon on it for Halloween.
I put pink tulle on it for my daughter's birthday party.
And now, I am adding this simple glitter bunting and blue ribbon to it for a sort of 

It is sort of my mantra...simple=elegant.
And I love how this simple blue bow adds a pop of color and snazz to this wreath!
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  1. So pretty Amy! I love the texture of the coffee filters- I had that same project on my mind and even bought the coffee filters!! Did it take you long? And what type of base did you use?? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Krista!!! I love your sign this week! The coffee filter wreath can be as quick or as time consuming as you want it to be. I was rushing it and didn't act all perfectionist with it took a couple of hours. I used the method that I linked to which was quick -and using a pencil to secure the coffee filter with the glue gun helped to cut down on the possibility of glue gun burns which I typically get when I work with a gun.I used a straw base but I think any base that doesn't melt would work. I think Styrofoam would melt with the glue gun. I can't wait to change it up with ribbons and little accessories each season. XO!!!!

  2. Pretty! I've been wanting to do a wreath like this for a while but I never think to get the materials when I'm out running errands.

    Anne Walker
    Christmas wreath ideas