Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unconventional Traditional Thanksgiving Decor

I love Thanksgiving.
I'm a traditionalist...for the most part. I don't like to skip over Thanksgiving, I don't shop on Black Friday and I like watching "The New World", "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special" (you know, the one where Snoopy saves the day and serves toast),  School House Rock's "No More Kings" (sort of touches on the roots of the history of it)...and YES, I have to...."Planes, Trains and Automobiles ("Those aren't pillows").

But am I tired of pilgrim hats and orange/brown and pumpkins....the predictable...YES.
I do a fair amount of pumpkins, pilgrim hats and turkey art with the kiddos leading up to the big day and I have to say, I am ready to bump it up a notch when it comes to Thanksgiving motifs, decor, style.
And apparently, I'm not alone.
One of my oldest friends sent me a message the other day:
  • Candice
  • Are you doing a blog about Thanksgiving decorations? ...because America needs help in that department. The pilgrim figurines and goofy turkeys have got to go. ...and I like brown just as much as the next color, but let's mix it up with some metallic tones or something. I'm counting on you to make this happen.
  • Amy Sage DeMik

    Ha! You're awesome! Yes- I'm doing a round up this weekend! And couldn't agree more, btw.... I'll share a few easy touches to "decorate" for Thanksgiving without being boring, predictable and Walmart-y. One of the ones I'm showing has teal and feathers in a more unconventional color way, one is plum and green and another one has mustard and magenta.
  • Candice 
    Haha! I knew you would have something up your sleeve. I was just saying that I think Christmas now owns November, because Thanksgiving decoration offerings got so ugly that people just skip it.

Yup, that's one of my best girls...Candice and I were Junior High School Cheerleaders together {for real}, we took art classes together all throughout high school, she knows all about my first crush(es) and she is someone who bounces creative ideas around with me from time to time... 
And she has an extensive professional art she knows her stuff. 
I can't let her down.

So here goes....if you're ready to step out of the pilgrim figurines, goofy turkeys and even pumpkins then this post is for you. Start looking around your house; I bet you'll find things that you have that can add a touch of the unexpected to your Thanksgiving table or mantle. You know I like to encourage people to use what they have...don't feel pressure to go out and buy things at Walmart or Target that say basically: YOU NEED TO BUY THIS FOR THANKSGIVING BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS THIS TURKEY DISH FOR THANKSGIVING SO YOU SHOULD TO...I sort of don't like that way of shoving commercialism into holidays, especially this out of the TYPICAL THANKSGIVING DECOR isle mind-set and look at things a little differently, be creative and HAVE FUN!

These are my top 3 favorite examples of what I'm talking about: Let's Shake it Up a Bit!

Honey & Fitz

A sophisticated and eclectic table
Bold, Non-Typical Thanksgiving colors: Emerald, Pink, Orange, Mustard Yellow and Magenta
Traditional Thanksgiving Elements without being cliche': Feathers, Indian Corn, Wishbone, Acorns, Gold, Faux Bois (Woodgrain), Thanksgiving Quote in an unexpected palette





Emerald Green, Mustard and Magenta. Yes. It is GORGEOUS. It still says "FALL" without being predictable or looking over-decorated, I might add. 

Dina shares the Pink Thanksgiving quote printable and a tutorial for her Velvet Acorn Wreath on her site. She is so cool.

The Handmade Home

A fun, kid friendly Thanksgiving
Fun, bright colors: Turquoise, Green, Yellow and Orange
Traditional Thanksgiving Elements without being cliche': Teepee, leaves, pumpkins, branches and natural elements, feathers, globe, Thanksgiving word art "GATHER" in an unconventional cork board sign





Ashley keeps things fun and festive for the kids! Check out this fun No Sew Teepee. We made a teepee in the middle of our living room a few years ago with butcher paper and the kids got to research Native American symbols and come up with sentences made from symbols - it was so much fun and one of our most special Thanksgiving memories. {We got 4 long, but not thick, pieces of wood. We tore brown craft paper roughly so that they looked and were shaped like hides. The kids researched Native American symbols and with crayons added the symbols to the 'hides'...coming up with fun names for each family member. We taped the hides to the frame. Fun was had by all}.

Nicole Gibbons for Domino

Elegant but not fussy
Unconventional Plum, Green and Aqua and variegated metallic color palette
Traditional Thanksgiving Elements without being cliche': Natural/florals, Pear (place card holders), log/stump vase.

Some other pics that are actually wedding photos by Jami Leavitt of For the Love Photography are inspiring me to think outside the typical while still using what I have:
Oklahoma weddings inspiration - Rustic Romance - Bridalifestyle Magazine // Venue: | Photography: Jami Leavitt | Catering and Desserts: Rental:

Oklahoma weddings inspiration - Rustic Romance - Bridalifestyle Magazine // Venue: | Photography: Jami Leavitt | Floral: | Catering and Desserts: | Rental:

and this one from Amanda Hedgepeth Photography:
Autumn wedding centerpiece | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography |

What do you think?


  1. These are all beautiful! I never decorate for Thanksgiving. I am one of those people that jumps straight to Christmas, but now I have inspiration! Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving table!

    Stephanie @

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for coming by and checking out this post! I can't wait for Christmas...but I always try to decorate for Thanksgiving - but I just couldn't do burlap any more! Needed something fun. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by! XXXOOO!