Thursday, November 7, 2013

My trip to Cherry Tree Lane: Mary Poppins Blogger Party!

Mary Poppins Dessert Table Backdrop - Design Dazzle
via Design Dazzle
I had the pleasure {and I mean THE AMAZING PLEASURE and PRIVILEGE} of being a guest to this super fun MARY POPPINS Blogger Party that was hosted by Toni from Design Dazzle along with several other talented bloggers.  I was actually not one of the "bloggers" at this event....I was a guest. A guest who felt very welcome, special and spoiled! Some of you saw on Instagram that I was having a pretty amazing time!
From the Umbrella awning, to the  "Barley Water", to the "Spoonfuls of Sugar" no detail was spared.
Mary Poppins Umbrella Structure - Design Dazzle
via Design Dazzle
To top it all off, I was able to bring a guest with me. My sweet friend Briana (in real life and blogland) and I shared this magical experience together and had such a super(califrajalisticexpeealidocious) time and walked away incredibly inspired by the talent, generosity and spirit of all of the contributors to this event.

Toni shared a bit about why Mary Poppins holds such a special place in her heart. And that there is something amazing about a woman who can make a room/ a home/ a life happier than how you found it. And now when I wear this sweet Mary necklace that was a gift to all of the guests from Toni that day, I think of being my own little Mary Poppins.
Mary Poppins necklace - Design Dazzle

Thank you to Design Dazzle and all of the bloggers and sponsors for a lovely afternoon and a truly inspiring experience. 
*** Make sure you pop over here to check out the beautiful pictures of the party...all the details are there!

mary poppins party bloggers
A big THANK YOU to all 12 bloggers who made this such a fun party to attend.  Toni fromDesign Dazzle, Kara from Kara’s Party Ideas, Holly from Paisley Petal Events, Tara & Wendy from The Dating Divas, Jen from The Project Girl, Brittany from One Charming Party, Michelle from Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust, Jonie from Just Between Friends, Tauni from SNAP!, Debbie from Made From Pinterest, Sara from Confetti Sunshine, and Wendy from The Shabby Nest.


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