Friday, December 6, 2013

Blue Christmas Blog Hop: Trees and a Tour of our LOFT SPACE

This is the last week of the Blue Christmas Blog Hop!
It has been a really fun series and I am so blown away by the creativity and ideas that my co-hosts have shared.
There are 7 of us contributing to this fun Series!
I am LOVING seeing what these creative ladies post every is so much fun to see their style and ideas and think of how I can change things up in easy and inexpensive ways. 
Hop over to their blogs to see their Blue Christmas ideas and follow our board on Pinterest!

Over the last 2 weeks we've shown  you our ideas for Blue Ornaments,  Blue Wreaths and Blue Wall Decor and Mantles and Tablescapes.

We have a fun LOFT SPACE in our new home.
It is a fantastic area for the kids to primarily do their homework, be on the computer and read.
I have big plans to turn it into a reading lounge at some point with sofas and comfy chairs. But until the littlest ones get big enough to not worry about someone climbing over the rail...we are keeping it the way it is.
It was so much fun to dig out some of my kid friendly decorations and make it a bright and cheerful place to read a Christmas book or two...or the kids.

The little school desk is special to me. It was my maternal Grandmother's childhood desk and it has made almost every one of our moves with us (except for Japan).
I'd love to use chalkpaint on this or sand it down to be raw wood, in the very near future (DON'T FREAK OUT IF YOU READ THIS will look amazing).

This built in area is amazing. Everything has a place. And when we put the snuggy sofa up here, the large open monitor area will have a TV.

It is hard for me to edit my Christmas Decor because all of these objects are familiar to the kids and they love when they show up! I try to aim for not too cluttered...

And the tree!
There is still a lot of room on this tree for the kids to fill in and add all of their personal ornaments this coming weekend! You know, all the school stuff, cotton ball snowmen, etc.!I always leave the bottom branches for them to fill things in so that they can stop, look at them and maybe touch and man-handle them as they walk by. These ornaments are special to them and they love to take them off the tree and look at them. So...that's why my tree bottom is a little's waiting for all of the Christmas memories of my little ones. But I couldn't decorate it without them and they can't wait for the weekend ;)

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  1. Your loft looks amazing - what a great space! And I LOVE the Noel banner on your tree!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah!~!! Loved this little challenge. Hope the hop was a fun one for you. I love all the smart things you did! You are truly gifted! Merry Christmas!! XO!

  2. I LOVE your loft space - amazing!! And the banner is adorable:)