Friday, December 20, 2013

The Gift Box: Easy Cardboard Crafts

Let's face it.
1. It's last minute as of now.
2. Sometimes the best gifts are ones that you make.
3. Kids play with the box.
4. Reuse, Recycle, Responsible, right?
5. All of these would be fun to do after Christmas when they're bored with their presents and there is still a week left of break!

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest for making something cool out of cardboard.
{I've made one of these on the list below....I can't wait to give it to the recipient...because I know she'll flip for it}!!!

UKKONOOA: Pahvimaja
cardboard castle / rowhousenest

DIY Cardboard Duct Tape Winter Village Tutorial from Mer Mag here. For a similar DIY making a horse stable go here.

Crazy for Cardboard Crafts: Step 4 (via

cardboard castle


This dollhouse is cardboard! DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

roomor! - cardboard, crafts for kid's, washi tape,

6 DIY Cardboard Crafts for Kids You will Love

Fun cardboard crafts

Life Sized Cardboard Gingerbread House

cardboard Monogram DIY

Pickup Some Creativity: Cardboard Wreath Form Tutorial (+Moss)

Cardboard Monogram. $35.00, via Etsy.

Get that X-Acto Knife and Duct Tape out!!!

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