Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nutcracker Ballet Party

Let me start this by saying that I am totally partied out. I have 4 kids and they all have Fall birthdays.
But when my 5 year old said she'd love to have a Ballet Birthday party...I couldn't resist. She loves watching the Barbie & the Nutcracker DVD, and she was an ANGEL in a children's production of the Nutcracker last year, so she is more than familiar with the story and the music...and the magic!
So I sent out the invitations and then life got hectic.
The night before the party I finally had time to hash things out and this is how it went down!
1. I don't think you have to spend a lot of $ to have a special and fun party for your kid.
2. I don't think that kid parties have to be perfect. If they have to be 'perfect' than you are doing it for yourself and the other moms...but kids don't care. They are just excited when things are fun and special.
3. I usually try to use as much of what I already have or re-use a lot of things were re-purposed. But you could get as ornate and fancy as you want, or keep it low key like I did!
Welcome to the Nutcracker SWEET!

We then headed down to the basement game room for a little fun watching the Nutcracker movie.
My niece just happens to be a dance she was happy to teach the kiddos the ballet positions (we had a little cheat sheet they could look at) and play a little SIMON SAYS with them. ("Simon says: 1st Postion. Simon says: 5th Position. 2nd Position...I didn't say Simon says'). 
Followed by ballet bun hair do's, ballet pink nails and dress up!

For the templates for the paper doll ballerina garland and more ideas check out my NUTCRACKER PARTY Pinterest Board!

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