Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Commona My House for Christmas" Day 5

Do you want to open a present that I have under my tree?
It is for one of you, sweet readers!!!
This is going to be so much fun!
Each day in the next week, between Dec 11th and Dec. 18th,
I'll be revealing a prize that will be in the winner's package!
That's right: One winner will receive the lucky present...several presents wrapped up in a box for you this Christmas. Each item was chosen to represent not only a few of my favorite things..but things that will be on trend in home decor and design in 2014!

ONE WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN on Dec 18th to win all of the gifts!
I can't wait to share some of my favorite things for YOU and YOUR HOME...and make sure you enter each day by commenting and selecting the following me on FB, PINTEREST and/or Instagram options!

Day 1: Leather Purse in DEEP TEAL

Day 2: An Ikat Scarf 

Day 3: Ethan Allen Pillar Candle Holders

 Day 4: Klustershop Amethyst Quartz Earrings

Day 5: Books
Yup...a few of my favorite books!
Jane Eyre
The Book Thief
Lady Catherine, The Earl and the Real Downton Abbey

 I love to read them, 
I love to decorate with them, 
I love to gift them!  

{but you knew that if you remember reading about my 
Downton Abbey Valentine's Tea and Book Exchange}

With all of the electronic ways to read books I just don't want real books to disappear from my home. I grew up in a home with a LIBRARY and there is just something special about bookshelves and the treasures that they hold. Books are fabulous ways to add character to your home. 

I'm sure you've seen a TON of ways to use books as decor...
but have you ever thought to 

Simple Details: our spring mantel and bookcases with books turned backwards
Simple Details
My #1 rule for decorating is turning books backwards when using them as decorating elements....this is also the #1 thing guests comment on when they come to my house.  The practice pretty much makes everyone else's head explode.  Oh well!
Cline Rose
backwards soft copy books, who knew they had so much color and texture
Vreeland Road
Nordic Bliss

put your books on the bookshelf backwards for a less crazy look (not wise to do if you actually use the books on a regular basis lol)
In the Fun Lane

My Sweet Savannah

It may take you an hour to find your copy of  "To Kill A Mockingbird" but change it up a bit and see what you think!

In a few weeks DOWNTON ABBEY will be returning to PBS Masterpiece I'll be returning to my 
Downton Reviews + Book and Movie Club Posts! Can't wait to see your comments and get back on the Downton wagon with all of you!

Enter to win these 3 books and the other gifts from previous days in this
Commona My House for Christmas Give Away!

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