Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Decor: Copy-Cat Anthro Mason Jar Snow Globe, from my Gurl Leah!

Anthropology Christmas Jars
I don't know if you saw these last year...Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores, I'm sure you realize by now) was selling these as seen above, for $40 a pop.  They were beautiful. But not $40 worth of beautiful.
My ultra-creative, design and craft savvy, fun friend, Leah, saw that these were fabulous...but she knew she could make them herself and for FAR less.  She made a slew, and I was lucky enough to get one as a gift from her last year. It was one of the Christmas decorations that I most looked forward to putting out this year.
Well, you're in luck, she is happy to share her secrets!

-She says, "GURL, (because she's from Houston, so she doesn't say "girl" she says, "gurl" and that's how I say "girl" now that I'm friends with her), you can get the mason jars at ACE Hardware." They have all sorts of sizes and they are reasonably priced. Don't feel like you have to run to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby or a craft store for mason jars. You can find them at Walmart and as in Leah's case, the best buy was at ACE Hardware. Or this would be a great craft for all those you have a giant pickle jar in your bin? Use it!
-She then went to BIG LOTS. She found trees and little do-dads that you can put inside for your landscape.  She found bags with multiple trees in them for a low $ amount.  Again, think outside the box for this sort of thing. Train Model sections would have some cool items.  Even using pine cones and other found natural elements would be lovely. In the salt and pepper jar above, there is a tiny ornament with a tree popping out of it! CUTE! (The Dollar Store has salt and peppers like the one in the pic above, too).
-While you're at BIG LOTS check to see if you can find something for your "snow".  All major craft stores have it, so you may need to go to a craft place specifically for the snow if you can't find it anywhere else. Also, depending on how you'd like it to look, you may want to glitter up the tree. I like mine with just the snow.
-Leah says she then, "took the tops off and lined 'um up Lavern and Shirley style", assembly-line, doing several all at once, standing up the mason jars, putting a scoop of snow in each, then gluing her trees and "forest" items into the inside top of the jar with a good glue or adhesive. Using something like this:
.18 Oz Tube E <em>6000 Adhesive Craft Glue</em>
E6000 Adhesive
-She let the upside down cap dry and then inverted it into the jar, Screwed on the lid, tied a jute twine around the lid and was done!
Here is her masterpiece! 

Fun to make, give and receive.
Thanks, Leah, for the gift and for sharing the details with Commona-my House!

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