Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Eve! And Happy 2013.
I'm taking a little time today to think about the goals that I am going to set for myself tomorrow, on the first day of 2013.  Goals are important. Just like you would have a plan for remodeling a bathroom, I think I need to start thinking of a plan for my year. So, I ask "What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?" It's not an easy question. But I am now at the age, 39, when I think I need to be more thoughtful and specific about the direction that I go in my life.  I know that one of the things that will be on my 2013 list of goals will be to continue to make Commona-my House a happy, positive little place for us to visit and chat about ways to enrich our homes.  Thank you for stopping by and for being my guest here.  I can't wait to share 2013 with you.
What are your goals for 2013? Organization, bathroom renovation, vacation, detox? Just wondering....

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