Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wisteria Copy Cat Dining Room Chairs

I have been looking for dining room chairs for about 3 years. I'm typically not one to wait, but there was a certain look I'd been hovering around.  It was this from Wisteria.
my inspriation piece from Wisteria

I liked the look, but was NOT FOND of the PRICE. They started at $500 (they are marked down now to $374 a piece). 
But I wouldn't have said that they were my dream chair either. They are similar to upholstered chairs that my mom had in our dining room when I was growing up, which might explain why I just kept coming back to this as my best option. I also am inclined towards French Antiques, but I think most French is too feminine for my husband's taste, so this was a great compromise.  I liked the carved wood and antique look, but would have had to invest fabric on top of the already steep, in my opinion, cost per chair. I like the white Wisteria base upholstery, shown above, but I typically decorate with solids everywhere else so I wanted to infuse color and pattern in my chairs. I wanted 6 of them, btw.  

I found some good old hotel chairs on Craigs list (they were frightening, but had great bones and the overall look I was going for) and got 6 of them for $80.  Then I took my time finding fabrics to keep me in budget.  And finally, here they are! 

Taupe, gray linen for dining room chairs
fabric choice; timuri vinyard in taupe & gray

And I used a gray ticking stripe for the end chairs...

These obviously aren't an exact match for the Wisteria original. But they both have dark, carved wood bases adding to a grounded look, they both have upholstered seats and backs with an interesting curve or design at the top of the back.  With original chair cost, fabric and upholstery expense I ended up investing $36 per chair.
And I'm thrilled. Now on to the dining room table...

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