Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Downton Abbey Club: Season 4, Episode 4 "Oh Stop Moaning"

"Oh Stop Moaning". No spoilers here.... 
Well, maybe ONE or TWO.
Downton Abbey: After the Episode
Some plot points were BORING {sorry Alfred, Molesly, new Garden Dude}.
Some were LOVELY {Mary and dead-Pamuk's friend Lord what's his name, orange juice in bed, return of the Bates Motel}.

"If you don't respect the past, you'll find it harder 
to create a future".

Well said, Lord Grantham.
This saying doesn't just apply to land ownership and farmers in rural 1920's England. 
I dare say, {with a British accent} I feel as this advice may be a spin on my interior design mantra.
Respect the Past.
Savvy and Chic IS Timeless.
Seriously, how many tried and true styles have stood the test of time...weaving in and out of era's and seeming just as fresh and fitting in contemporary settings.
Respect the past of good design. Mix it up. Use it to soften, round out and add character to contemporary and modern style. 
 Using tried and true elements feels less "Granny Chic" these days and more "Eclectic and Cultivated Chic". 
So go for it!

Here are the Season 4 Episode 4 Downton Decor items that I believe can be incorporated into ANY design style.

Isobel's Blue and White Ginger Jars
Whether your style is traditional OR NOT, Blue and White Ginger Jars can add color and height anywhere. Mrs. Crawley had them displayed in her deep window sills. Sit them on top of something, underneath something, virtually anywhere goes.
Not to mention they bring a bit of exotic character without feeling theme-y.
Don't believe me? Not sold? For more on Ginger Jars in Contemporary Room Designs go here.
Violet's Cane Back Chairs
Again, no matter what style you lean towards, there is a cane back for you.
And don't worry: this classic can take on a modern streamlined twist if "Shabby Chic" isn't chic to you.

Lady Mary wears a lot of Plum. Hmm. 
Is she perhaps aware that Jewel tones are 'in' and that Radiant Orchid is all the rage?
I grew up with a Deep Plum, Velvet Chippendale sofa in our family library growing up. I had no idea how cool it was until after college when I really thought about it. Man, I'd kill for that sofa now. It is still in my parent's library.
But I think there is symbolism in the works here with Mary's wardrobe. She is out of her black mourning clothes. The color Plum is psychologically linked to:
a variation of VIOLET

What did you see in the background last night?

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