Thursday, April 4, 2013

House Guests: The Tudors

I've always had a thing for Tudors...and not just Tudors as in:

But Tudors as in:

The Tudor Revival  style of architecture.
Authentic English Tudor, 1575-1620, England
What has always AMAZED me and endeared this style to me has been the fact that a Tudor home can be at home, so to speak, just as much in California as it is in a tiny little English Country town.  For such a distinct style to be able to mesh with any region, landscape or climate makes it a timeless classic.
 Brooklyn, NY
Edsel and Eleanor Ford House: Examples of Tudor Revival Architecture
Carlsbad, CA
Best Curb Appeal: The Doory Awards 2012
San Antonio, TX
The look:
There are stand-out Tudor features: leaded glass, beams, paneled ceilings, stone arches, detailed woodwork.

I love the architectural style. But Tudors typically are ornately furnished (or what I like to call "OVER-FURNISHED") and could stand to be brightened and freshened up with a more modern, fresh color palette.

Here is a super gorgeous Tudor in Ridgewood, NJ that we will tour today!

But oh, look at the stone arches. And the panels and beams EVERYWHERE.
Do you like Tudors?
I'll say it again...OH WHAT I COULD DO TO THIS HOUSE!
To see more of this home that is for sale click here.
Do you like Tudors?

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