Monday, April 1, 2013

Mourning Downton Book & Movie Club: Week #5: Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge cast members

I've been SOOOO excited for Masterpiece's latest series: Mr. Selfridge.
It debuted last night and I am reserving my opinion of it until next week.
It has all the glamour and pizzazz that I was expecting, but I'm not sold just yet.
I'm a HUGE Jeremy Pivens fan, btw. He is a cousin of a gal I went to college with and he's perfect for this role, but for some reason it didn't flow for me last night. I'm hopeful, though, that there will be more character background/depth as it unfurls.
Episode 1

There are plenty of familiar faces in the characters surrounding the creative sales genius (and possibly bi-polar or sell your soul) Mr. Selfridge. I felt that overall, the stand out character and actor was Shop Girl, Agnes Towler, played by Aisling Loftus (why, what a lofty name Miss Aisling has). I think that she will be the heroine of the glove counter and possibly Mr. Selfridge's conscience at some point.
Agnes Towler
The costumes and sets are dripping with Edwardian even if the flow is off, it is fascinating to take in the theatre of it all.I'm going to stick it out with Mr. Selfridge, so come back each Monday for my take on all things Oxford Street Department Store/American Capitalist Entrepreneur.

To watch Episode one, head to the PBS link, here.
To learn more about the actual SELFRIDGE'S in London, an empire of shopping that is still top notch today, click here.


P.S. you can buy your very own pair of Miss Towler's red gloves at Selfridge's today!
DENTS Buttoned leather gloves
Buttoned kid gloves

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