Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Vinegar and Dawn Hardwater Remover

Yup, we're moving again (husband's career path + awesome new job= move #14).
So when I was about to clean my bathrooms in anticipation of the insane task of keeping everything from looking like people actually live in our house while it is on the market....I remembered this little recipe that I pinned several months ago. We have hard water in our city, so there is always a bit of a hard water film on my shower doors. Well...I thought I'd put this combo to the test.

Add equal parts Dawn and Vinegar to a spray bottle or a dish scrubbing wand.

The Verdict:
It works! Every morning for the past week, I'd hop in the shower and take my scrubber to the glass and tile. I'd rinse off the bubbles with water in a plastic cup and it left my shower spotless. And all while in my b-day suit ;) What an accomplishment ;) It literally takes 30 seconds each morning.
After the 5th day, my shower was free and clear of any hard water build up (which had previously been appearing within a day or two of my regular cleaning routine). I'm sure you could use any dish soap you prefer. I'm partial to Mrs. Meyer's but bought Dawn specifically to test this out.
I highly recommend putting it in a little dish scrubber wand. The kids think it's a toy and the little scrubbing texture is a bonus.
Now back to cleaning the rest of the house...continually until it sells...



  1. My husband gets annoyed at my love of vinegar because it stinks, but it WORKS! I'll have to get a little scrubber and try this out now.

    1. Hi Gaylene!! boy does it stink. It has taken me a while to get used to it, but now it is an essential for me and my cleaning routine. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Love this tip, we will be moving soon too, so I shall definitely have to put this to the test.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

    1. Would love to hear what you think!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! XO!

  3. Move #14?!?!? Oh man... you're a braver lady than I am. I'm so glad to hear that this tip works! I will definitely pin your post!