Monday, April 15, 2013

Mourning Downton Book & Movie Club: Mr. Selfridge Episode 3

Ok, I still wasn't sold on buying anything at Selfridge's last week. In fact...I was so on the fence about it that I didn't post about Episode 2.
But today, Sunday afternoon, at about 4:00, I started thinking, "Mr. Selfridge is on tonight"...and that is when I knew I was going to see it out this Season. I don't care for the title character, and I don't think you are supposed to. Selfridge is all about promotion, the spectacle. He's the underdog that you aren't sure you want to succeed.  He is the ingenious inventor, if you will, of what we know to be a modern day department store shopping experience...even down to the celebrity endorsement.
What I do find intriguing and making me come back for more now, is the development and reveal of a handful of supporting characters and the level of detail of the sets and scenery.

So, I'm all in! Come back each Monday and I'll be blogging about all things Selfridge's!
Last night I was fascinated by the hairstyles.  I wonder how long it took a woman to get dressed (without a ladie's maid) a working woman? How long do you think it took them to do their hair in that sort of helmetish Gibson girl updo?

I may try to see what I'd look like with this hairstyle, just for fun.
To catch up on Mr. Selfridge, all episodes are available (episode 3 will be by this afternoon) on the 

And for a look into the behind the scenes inspiration: How Selfridge revolutionized shopping.

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