Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mourning Downton Book & Movie Club: Mr. Selfridge Episode 5: Herringbone Floors

Mr. Selfridge has me hooked. It's equally annoying and addicting.
Last week the teal velvet upholstery stood out to me.
This week I was drawn into the drama (or melodrama) of it all and then BAM!
Mr. Crabb

Where those herringbone hardwood floors they are walking on in the upstairs office halls at Selfridge's?
Why, yes, they are!

I have always wanted to have herringbone patterned hardwood floors...I even have some earmarked and pinned in my Pinterest "Dreaming My Dreams" board.
There is something about the herringbone rhythm that enhances the variegated tone and wood grain.

Herringbone is a classic pattern which translates into just about every medium.
In textiles:





 In just about any medium...um, even braids, right?

A little more solid and traditional than chevron...which has more a  mod vibe.
If you missed it, you can watch an instant replay of Mr. Selfridge, Episode 5 and see if you can spot the glimpse of herringbone wood floors yourself!!!


  1. Ooohhh!! I do like a good pattern - and this is a good one!

    1. thanks for stopping in, Jona!!! It IS a good one...timeless! Love your blog! XO!

  2. i am a HUGE herringbone fan. i want that art in my home. i pinned it some time ago as inspiration and i adore it!

    1. Me too!!! Someday...maybe this summer! Would love to see it if you ever find the time to do it! Thanks for stopping by! We need to catch up soon!

  3. I am so with you - I LOVE herringbone! Herringbone floors would be fantastic!!

    1. Hi Jenna,
      They would be. It makes me stop and think of doing things differently if I ever get the chance. Just a little bit of pattern gives a space so much more character. And patterns come and go- chevron is close to being over saturated...but herringbone is much more traditional and can sort of stand the test of time without being dated. Thanks for coming over! Looking forward to following your summer series!! XO!