Saturday, June 15, 2013

Artistic Inspiration #1: Michelle Armas

Every weekend I'll be featuring a favorite artist of mine.
You never know what or who will turn up each weekend!

Michelle Armas is a contemporary painter.

She uses bold colors to create playful abstracts.
I am drawn to her art because even though they are abstract,
I feel as if she is capturing natural elements: a floral bouquet, a's up to you.
Even traditional style can be enhanced by a pop of abstract art to liven up what could otherwise be a pretty predictable room.
I'd like you to meet the art work of Michelle Armas:

For more on Michelle, go to her site or virtually visit her studio in this January  Design Sponge interview and tour of her studio!


  1. Hi Anastasia! So glad you liked it! It's so much fun to learn about new (and old, too) artists!! I think it's a huge part of the vibe of your home to have art work that reflects your taste or works that are significant in some way for you.
    So glad you like this post...I'll be posting about artists each weekend :)
    Hope to see you back again soon!