Tuesday, June 4, 2013

House Guests: East Coast West Coast No Coast dream home

As many of you know, my family is in the process of  moving from Tulsa, Oklahoma to the Salt Lake City area in Utah. While we are waiting to close on our home here, all 6 of us are bunking with my in-laws in picturesque Lindon, Utah. Lindon is a sweet little farm town up against the Wasatch Range in the Rocky Mountains. It is a lovely town, unfortunately for us, too far from my husband's clients who are in Salt Lake City (appx 80 miles North of Lindon).  But while I was out on a walk in my in-law's neighborhood the other day I stumbled upon this gem...and I recognized it from seeing it on another blog about a year ago. I stood in front of this house for about 20 min....I was in love. Alas, there is no chance that I'll be moving into a dream home such as this, but I sure do get excited for people when they can take a leap and have the opportunity to step out of cookie-cutter construction and do something special.
I think you'll think it's pretty special, too. And although not all of us can have a dream home on a mountain top, there are several things we can take away from the design and style of this charmer..
I don't know what the owners call it (I almost knocked on the door but stopped myself for fear that this may happen to them all the time and that the husband would answer the door and yell, "Honey, you have another blogger-stalker here to see the house"). I'll keep you posted, I walk by it every day now and if I get the opportunity, I'm going in.
It had me at the Wyeth Blue Front Door.
Now, for the Lindon Dream House...or as I call it the "East Coast West Coast No Coast" Dream Home.

So, after looking at this home would you think it is in Seaside, FL or Martha's Vineyard?
It just goes to show that even when your style is COASTAL you don't have to be near the shore...in this case, they've brought the coast to the mountains and it is a refreshing happy vibe...the coastal decor works because of the classic foundation elements that were chosen.

If you know me, you know that these are all of the elements of style that I love.
Pale wall colors.
Natural wood flooring.
Wood work and special detail in wainscotting, molding.
Herringbone wood floors.
Built ins.
White cabinetry.
Subway Tile.
Vintage inspired lighting fixtures and hardware.
Awesome flow.
Natural Light.
I could go on....but what do you love about this home?
I think even though it is obviously a beautiful home it also looks so functional, so fun, so perfect for family.
What can you take away from being a house guest in this home?

To see more of the tour : via House of Turquoise.
All photos from Hiya Papaya.


  1. Oh my gosh. I CAN'T BELIEVE you get to see this house in person every day! I saw it on House of Turquoise about a year ago and totally fell in love. I'm so jealous! Tell it hello for me :) haha!

    1. Chaney- this house haunted me- I remembered seeing it on House of Turqoise but never realized that it was in my in-laws town until I walked past it. I got home and RAN to my lap top to try to find it...It's totally the epitome of the new trend of beachy/contemporary style. White cabinets, pale walls, natural elements, but contemporary furniture, rugs and splashes of bright colors as accents. One of my favorite things about this house would be the smart built ins...especially the shelf in the kitchen over the doorway..I love built ins and think they add so much character, not to mention practical and decorative opportunities. Proves that new construction can have character if you do the 'right' things. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. yes, I can see how you fell for it. I'm pinning this too. Little Bit

    1. So glad you stopped by and saw this home- I can see that there are some things that would totally be your style ;) Thanks for pinning!!! Love your blog, btw! XXXOOO!

  3. wow! this house is lovely. A friend of mine calls her style "Mountain Coastal" because she loves coastal style but we live in the mountains a few hours from the closest beach!

    1. I think it is so great when people can find a way to mesh their personal taste with the style of the home they are in - or find a way to not be too THEME-Y and make what would typically be a coastal style and change it up...LOVE the MOUNTAIN COASTAL direction. I think that is where my taste is headed these days, too. Coastal breeziness but with more of a Craftsman flair rather than a beach COTTAGE flair. SO glad you stopped by, Jessica!!! Thanks for the comment! XXXOOO!