Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Dining Chair Styles

It's Throwback Thurdsday! Today I'm flashing it back to a February post on proper chair terminology. 

Whether your taste runs antique, modern or anywhere in between, there are basic styles and designs that stand the test of time.  It's always helpful to know the name of a design, whether it is an original or a reproduction.
NOTE: This is my first post in my Foundations Series.  The idea behind this series is to discuss certain design terms that will help you with proper lingo when referring to specific styles. It's a little bit DESIGN 101 and a little bit "basic elements of style" to help determine what you may be drawn to in your own personal style. I'm starting with DINING CHAIRS, and will be tackling  DESIGN STYLES, FABRIC PRINTS, FURNITURE (including easy chairs) ARCHITECTURE, FLOORING, FIXTURES,  and more.  Part of the reason why I am Interested in these foundations is because we are living in a time when craftsmanship is rare. Even big ticket items are built to be disposable and only last a few years. If you are going to invest in anything, know a little bit about some basics so that you chose a piece that will be well made and stand the test of time and  not end up paying big bucks for something that is dated after the fad color or style has faded after a year.

 Whether your budget can handle the real thing or requires a bargain hunt or reproduction, there are basics to consider when looking for the right kitchen and dining room chairs. And I believe that chairs are one of the tell-tale pieces of furniture to help pin point what your desired design style is. Of course, there are trendy styles, but even things at Pier One, Target  and stores in a mall are based off of a few main staples of the dining chair world.

Here is a little Visual 101 Tutorial and Round-Up:

{via Chicago Appraiser's Association}

and don't forget about nice legs:
{Via Chicago Appraiser's Asssoc.

Current Reproductions:

Crate and Barrel "Bentwood Chair"
Bow Windsor Back
Wynn Ladderback Chair
Pottery Barn "Wynn Ladderback Chair" 

Cortona Chair
Pottery Barn "Cortona Chair" is a "Fiddle Back"

Louis XVI End Chair - Sage - New
Wisteria "Louis XVI Dining Chair"

Cane-Back Chair - Dining
Wisteria "Cane Back Dining Chair"

Queen Anne Upholstered Chair
Pottery Barn "Queen Anne Chair"

and a few modern additions that are staples:
Parsons Chair - Frame Only
Parson's Chair
 (named after Parson's School of Design in NYC,
not Parson as in a Preacher of a church, btw)
Monogrammed Slipcovered Parsons Chair
Skirted Parsons
Tolix Chair
Eames Chair
I have such a love for well crafted chairs...and they all seem to have their own personality, that I love to mix and match! Guess that's a multiple personality thing? I think that even traditional dining rooms and kitchens can benefit from breaking up sets of chairs...making your space more approachable. What do you think?
Opposites Attract
Different Styles unified by same paint and upholstery
Casual Elegance
dining rooms - dining room mix match chairs french dining table letter fabric dining room that I love - found the picture on
Unified by French Inspiration

I could go on...
hope this gives  you something to think about when you're narrowing down your style.

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