Saturday, June 29, 2013

Artistic Inspiration #3: Charles Courtney Curran

This is my third weekend of artistic inspiration {every weekend I feature one of my favorite artists. To see previous posts click here and here}. I have eclectic taste, so you never know what or who will turn up!

On the Heights, 1909  Charles Courtney Curran was an American Impressionist painter... my three girls
"On the Heights", 1909

American Impressionist: Charles Courtney Curran

Charles Courtney Curran was an American Impressionist painter. A prolific and popular painter all his life, he was among the artists responsible for the rebirth of the genre tradition in late nineteenth century American art.

Ever since I had my third daughter, I've wanted to purchase a print of this American Impressionist masterpiece to hang in the hall between their bedrooms.  What a moment in time Curran has captured in this beautiful painting. 

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  1. This painting really draws me in. I can feel the air and the sunlight and maybe that corset pinching me. . .