Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Vintage Mirror to Chalkboard

I'm working on a surprise teen girl bedroom these days. Loosely based on a design that I did for an e-client a few months ago, it's feminine, vintage and a bit bohemian. 
One of the main focal points will be the headboard, or well, what will be standing in for a headboard: a DIY'd chalkboard!
The teen wanted black to be splashed throughout the room, but due to the size of the room and the "light and airy" feel that she also requested the room have....well, I thought a chalkboard was just the right touch! 

I found a large vintage mirror for $15 and got to it. 

I used Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint and Liquid Gold Leaf Paint (which is currently in sale at Michaels for $1.99!! It usually costs between $6.99-9.99)!

After the chalkboard was completely dry I seasoned it with chalk. If you don't season your chalkboard, the first thing you write on it will be seen faintly on the board, FOREVER. (I've made this mistake before). Seasoning is quick and easy, just rub the side of the chalk all over your board, covering it completely. Then do it again in the opposite direction. Take a soft cloth and gently rub off the chalk dust and you're done! 

This room revamp has been one of my most fun makeovers yet! Here are a few sneak peeks of what is coming together in this fun and chic teen room.

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