Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY {Sheepskin Stool}

Last week I revealed my teen daughter's AUDREY ROOM.
One of the quick DIY Projects that I did to add a fun little punch to the room 
was the Sheepskin Stool that sits at her vanity.

I had been seeing them here and there and came up with a pretty simple way of transforming her already existing stool into something infinitely more stylish than it was.

You've seen them...they're everywhere.
Here was my inspiration picture.
TEJN Faux sheepskin IKEA The faux sheepskin is super soft, warm and cozy. Ideal as a rug or draped across your favorite armchair.

And I went to town on this crappy, old, Target, $10 Stool that she's had in her room for years.

The Result:

It took 2 coats of gold paint to cover completely.
I then sprayed it with a clear poly finish.
And tossed the sheepskin on top.

Easy. Cheap. Fun. Fabulous. 

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