Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: House Guests {The Haskins' Home, a Contemporary and Refined Classic Charmer}

Last Summer I shared this House Tour with you.
It was part of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes Tour.
It's so good that we are going to re-run this classic today for Throwback Thursday!!!


Shut the front door. It's a beautiful front door.
Welcome to this brand spanking new home. But it has the warmth, charm and character of a 100 year old house.  The architects of this Millhaven home, as well as the designers, Caitlin Creer Interiors and Alice Lane Home Collection, skillfully combine classic elements with fresh accessories and colors. It's not TRADITIONAL, it's not's what I would call a CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC.

So, how do I define a CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC? CLASSIC major components, like marble, hardwoods, subway tile and other historical architectural elements, fixtures, lighting elements, woodwork, and furniture styles, etc. Infused with hints of CONTEMPORARY accessories such as pillows, rugs, fabrics, art work and other decorative items. Also, and this is a MAJOR tip when trying to achieve this look: TRADITIONAL PATTERNS in CONTEMPORARY PALETTES (new and simpler colorways). These formulas keep interiors fresh and light.
Can you spy Traditional staples like Quatrefoil? Ginger Jars and Glass Knobs?
Be sure to scroll through all the pictures (from the incredibly talented Cristi of Haya Papaya Photography) ...I've saved the exterior for last ;)

Splendid photos are by Hiya Papaya Photography
Home builder: Millhaven Homes
Interior Designers: Caitlin Creer Interiors and Alice Lane Home Collection
To see more go to Alice Lane Home


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  1. Wow such a beautiful home and photos!!