Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday {She's a Modern Vintage Rock & Roll}

Last year I was lucky enough to hang out for an afternoon at my friend Maren's house.  She has an effortless vibe that is just, simply, COOL. I categorize her style as "MODERN VINTAGE ROCK & ROLL". 

Inspired my Maren, I came up with my own Modern Vintage Rock & Roll room to sort of show just how to achieve the right blend of retro, mod, vintage chic and a little bit of edginess. 
purple tufted velvet sofa paired with accent pillows in bold colors/patterns + rock star glam with mirrored pieces (there are 3 mirrors in my room above) +industrial storage and lighting accents + gray walls and crisp white accent + natural accents in warm woods and baskets, plants + a mid century mod/ retro piece or two + global accent here and there + leather + a bit of a feminine touch thrown in (as in the floral pillow above and the more feminine gilded mirror above). 

So, are you a "Modern Vintage Rock & Roll"?  
How do you create a Modern Vintage Rock & Roll room of your own, you ask?

If this is your style, here are the main components that I'd keep your eye out for (and see if you can find all of the following elements in the dream board I've created above)!

-It's eclectic but not junked up. It is a little of this and a little of that, but things still stay uncluttered, unfussy and have either clean lines or bold color/texture, with only a few exceptions here and there.

-Shiny objects with bold lines.

-Statement pieces like gilded gold mirrors and retro/vintage pieces.

-Industrial hints here and there.

-Bold colors, bold patterns as accents.

-Eclectic different lamps, pillows that don't match one another, etc. Don't be matchy-matchy, you want to look like you've acquired and collected or just ended up with all this fabulousness. 

Don't let this look fool you...there is an art to really being a

to be able to tell what works and what doesn't with this sort of space.  Fall back on scale and overall tone and like I said, never be too matchy- matchy and you'll win with this look.


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