Monday, August 4, 2014

Design 101 {Oh Gee, OGEE}

The term "OGEE"  is an architectural term, describing the curve of an arch, dating back to the Early English Gothic time period (13th Century).

Beige Living Room

Gothic Architecture: Ogee Arch geometry
The Ogee Garden Arch, endorsed by the RHS, is instantly recognisable with its distinctive curved shape creating a dramatic focal point in an...

When discussing the OGEE Pattern, it can be anything that depicts the typical OGEE arch curve, even a loose depiction. 

OGEE is timeless but it has been having a bit of a's  classic yet it feels quite current in these new interpretations.

Here are my favorite fresh OGEE sightings of late:

Organic Ikat Ogee Duvet Cover + Shams
Ogee Crewel Embroidered Pillow Cover

* OGEE can also refer to an arch or S shaped cut in molding or an edge, say on a stone counter. 

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