Friday, August 15, 2014

Flashback Friday {Map Headboard}

This week I shared my Audrey Room. One of the standout features in the Vintage Chalkboard that I DIY'd and used as a headboard. It reminded me after the fact of this fab tutorial for turning a map into a giant headboard. Re-purposing vintage finds is a passion of mine.

So, today's Flashback Friday is sharing this Map Headboard idea with you, in case you like the idea of an alternate headboard concept, but don't think that chalkboard is a good fit for a master bedroom.


 I've been following Kristine over at The Painted Hive for quite some time now.I love her clean, creative, vintage style. When I saw her bedroom makeover I had to share it with you this week!

So how do you get from this:

To this?

The Painted Hive has mapped out (had to do it) a step by step list of things to do to achieve a large scale map project like this.

Kristine downloaded the map online and discusses how she enlarged the map.
Total cost: $70.
Do you remember how large this piece is? That is phenomenal, and I have a new  craft crush:

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