Monday, October 6, 2014

"Daydream" Crafting Soiree {Apostrophe-S}


Last week I was able to share a secret with a few of my friends...and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you here today!!! There is a brand new, super fun, Craft Kit Company that takes all of the guess work out of making your own chic crafts. It's called Apostrophe- S. And although they're new on the craft kit scene, they aren't new to crafting...or high quality....or cornering the market on creativity. Why? Because Apostrophe-S is a sister company to Stampin Up
Apostrophe-S has taken the same quality and creativity that you know and love in Stampin Up products and are in the process of developing lines of Craft Kits to make crafting simplified, no matter what your skill level.  They have put together kits that come with all of the components you need to make each craft. No more driving to several different stores to purchase $20 worth of ribbon that you only need 6 inches of...these kits come with just the right amount of top-of-the-line supplies. Crafting has never been so streamlined or hassle-free. It's all the good about crafting and none of the running around, working out the kinks or having crafting fails (come on, admit've had at least one epic crafting fail haven't you? I hate when that happens!).

Apostrophe-S asked if I would host a girl's crafting night and I was thrilled to be able to have a Daydream Soiree...using their Daydream Dream Catcher kits. The ribbons and details in this kit are simple gorgeous. Crochet lace, velvet, sequins and feathers are quite the combination!!! It is seriously such a lovely project. 


I invited 4 of my friends over for a little late-night/after-the-kids-are-in-bed 
Everything arrives pre-packaged in individual kits. 
We followed the instructions that Apostrophe-S provides for each of their kits on their website.
You can watch the video over and over again. We paused and re-played when needed. 
It was a simple to follow design and we all finished relatively at the same time, so there was no one going home at the end of the night with an unfinished craft. 
Everyone seemed to tweak their dream catcher so that it fit their own style...I loved this about the kit...that you could modify it to make it your own. Actually, I guess that's what they had in mind because the Apostrophe-S motto is "MAKE IT YOURS'.

Here are my favorite Apostrophe-S projects that I can't wait to make at my next 
Apostrophe-S Night!

Crochet Crush

Ruffled Harvest

Deco-fresh Sky

Tea for Two

This is a sponsored post. Apostrophe-S has provided the craft kits for the party night.
All opinions are solely my own.

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