Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings {10/20}

Here are the links that I've loved reading over the past week.

1. Be still my Boho Modern Heart. Boho Modern Farmhouse Design Board for the dreamiest home. This is so me. 
She had me at bo-HO.

2. The Clooney's rumored new abode: Aberdash House, complete with Island. 

3. Fall Color Inspiration via Anthro's Autumn Bloomers
Photos Lesley Unruh, via A Blog

4. Think Thanksgiving like Kara Rosenlund
Holiday Inspiration | Kara Rosenlund

5. The Best of the
Fiddle Leaf Fig advice from View Along the Way.

The simple way to keep your fiddle-leaf fig healthy and growing! Who knew it was so easy?

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