Monday, October 27, 2014

Malachite Monday {Volume 2}

I've been seeing a lot of Malachite this week...
Let's get to it!
1. Vanessa from Entre Nous spotted this Malachte Pumpkin DIY from Jenny of Hank and Hunt that was shared on Design Sponge

DIY Malachite Pumpkin by Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt for Design*Sponge
 Design Sponge

2. Malachite Jewelry is popping up everywhere. 

Verdure Pendant Necklace
It used to be that Malachite jewelry options were typically either kitchy Deco Style or Beads Circa 1976 (in a unicorns, rainbows and patchouli oil sort of way). Let's just say that those options are still out there, but I'm loving the use of Malachite in more sophisticated and stylish designs.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

Fringed Malachite DropsGreen Malachite Cuff Bracelet. A walk on the wild side isn't necessarily what you have in mind for a Christmas celebration, but with this bracelet who knows what the night will have in store for you! #Christmas #giftsforher

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 -6 -7

3. Malachite Fabric
This past week I revealed my Year of Change project. 
I worked with Tonic Living's Malakos Malachite and refurbished a cane back chair and had enough to use in a mirrored frame!
Year of Change
Commona My House
My friend and fellow Year of Change Designer, Rosa Beltran also fell for the same Tonic Living fabric and used it for fabulous pillows!

Share your Malachite DIYs and Inspiration on Instagram with the #malachitemonday #commonamyhouse and/or tag me, @amysagedemik. Visit last week's Volume 1 for more Malachite finds and follow along on our Pinterest Board, too!!!

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