Friday, October 10, 2014

Home & Garden Show "DECK THE DOOR" {February "Cupid's Door"}

Welcome! I'm excited to share with you some of the projects I made for my Deseret News Home Show "Deck the Door" Contest. If you're new to Commona My House, let's just say I love VINTAGE and UPCYCLING. So when I heard that we'd be working with Salvaged Doors from George's Salvage and Paint from Vintage Bee Paint and we needed to deck our door with a budget of $50 or less...well, I knew that this was going to be a fun and creative task!
(I'll have more posts about my Door and the Deck the Door Display + Home Show favorites throughout the weekend and next week, so come back and visit often)!

I was assigned the Persimmon/Bold Coral color and given the month of February! 
I got right to it, planning CUPID'S DOOR!

For my Arrow End Door Mat Tutorial head over here.

All of the other elements on the door are really quite simple.

The best DIYs involve eating a box of Chocolates, right?!!!
I used the bottom of a heart shaped chocolate box.
I spray painted the box gold. Quick and Easy!
While the paint was drying I made a few embellishments to doll this up. 
I think you can make this as streamlined (just the heart shaped box with a simple arrow) 
or as fancy shmancy as you want. The box is quite light and due to the Craftsman Architecture of my door, I didn't want to complicate things by hanging something so I used COMMAND STRIPS and stuck the heart to the door without any fussy ribbons, hooks or hangers. 
Because this is Cupid's Door I used glittered feathers and arrows throughout my decor. 
Before I attached my embellishments, I quickly sprayed the gold heart shaped box with a clear coat of polyurethane, so that the box would be sealed. 
Then, I got out my glitter!

Even the back of the door is dreamy to me!

I may not ever get the glitter out of my car...
and I don't know that I'll ever use FAKE SNOW again...
My favorite things about the display were the architecture of the door, the color combos of bright coral, black and white stripes, pale blush pink and gold. I loved putting together the ribbons I used both in the heart box 'wreath' and the ribbons I have hanging from my balloon...and I AM OBSESSED with the Bright Coral Hunter Boots that our Cupid has left in the snow next to her front door.
If you were at the show, which door was your favorite?
I'd love to hear what you thought of the display.
Thanks for stopping by!