Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume {Roundup}

When I was a kid, my Dad was WAY into Halloween Costumes. It was sort of a creative process around our house. He would brainstorm with my sister and I to come up with something different and unique. I remember my mom staying up LATE the night before Halloween sewing my sisters costume together. That's what people did...they thought of something fun and MADE or pieced together a costume. 
Throughout my childhood I was Charlie Chaplan, PT Barnum's Bearded Lady (Dad had a tough sell on that one, but I did it)..that was the same year my sister was Martha Washington and before her notorious turn at Smurfette. 

Halloween is Friday.
Still looking for a quick costume? 
No problem, chances are you may have what's required in your closet. 
Check out these cool and easy, throw together ideas, that will keep the fun IN and the stress OUT of Halloween this year! 
{My costume is one of these, btw :) }

I love a good play-on-words costume.
One year, a LONG time ago,  I wore my favorite cocktail dress , which happened to be a vintage blue velvet number, to a Halloween party in Philly.
I wore a rubber chicken on a gold silk cord around my neck as a necklace. 
I was Chicken Cord on Bleu.

Vintage Inspired Sapphire Blue Velvet Dress with Retro Golden Gem Brooch Short Sleeve Dark Blue Belt Elegant Drape French Lady Evening Dress

Got 4 Friends?
Wear Maroon.
Maroon 5
Last minute Halloween costume idea? Maroon 5 Fan by avagracescloset, via Polyvore

Buttercup and The Dread Pirate Roberts
The Princess Bride Couple Costume

Forrest Gump and JenAY

Halloween Costume - Forrest Gump and Jenny
Life on Virginia Street

Rosie the Riveter

29 Homemade Halloween Costumes (for adults) Going to be glad I repinned this


Less than $8 and 15 minutes (plus no sewing required) to make this adorable, personalized chef costume! via maisondepax.com #diy #costume #halloween #apron
Maison de Pax

Downton Girl
Mon Carnet | Downton Abbey style. Oh dear, I was born in the wrong era! I must find an event or reason to wear this!
Frozen Character Tee Shirt Costumes
Holly Golightly
10 Amazing DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Women (1. The Morton Salt Girl, 2. Where's Waldo, 3. Melanie from The Birds, 4. Miss Piggy, 5. Ballerina, 6. It's Raining Cats & Dogs, 7. Girly Witch, 8. Holly Golightly, 9. Katniss Everdeem, 10. Marie Antoinette)

Have fun.
Eat Snickers.

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