Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Give Away #4: Green & White GREEK KEY Pillow

UPDATE: Heather G. from Tulsa is our winner today.  She had 3 entries...she commented, and she is a member (she was my very first member, actually) so she had 2 more entries totaling 3 for this give away! Hope you like the pillow Heather! I'll txt you :)

Christmas Give Away #4: Green & White Greek Key Pattern Variation Pillow 

Decorative Pillows Accent Pillow Cushion Covers  Green and White Greek Key 20 x  20 Inches

I love pattern.  I really think that layering patterns is a fun and easy way to add layers and personality to your home.  Chevron is THE IT GIRL of patterns right now, don't you think, and I do like me a good chevron, but I've always thought that GREEK KEY (also known as GREEK FRET or MEANDER) was a bit of alright, too.  It's fresh and crisp, bold and modern, yet it is one of THE MOST HISTORIC OF PATTERNS, pretty much EVER.  It originated in Greek and Roman times, used in architecture, pottery, jewelry. It is also found in Shang Dynasty Chinese bronzes, pottery and architecture. The Greek Key is defined as a continuous line that frequently doubles back on itself, then reverses course to move forward again. It is believed to come from a geological phenomenon that pops up all over the planet....this phenomenon is called a "meander". "Meander", in modern English, means to wonder aimlessly, and geology defines the word as a river that carves a loop or bend in its path that doubles back on itself. There is a river in what is modern Turkey, named the MEANDER or the Miandros named after a Greek River God.

I used to go through old pieces of fabric and trimmings that my Mother and my Grandmother had stashed.  In one box, there was an off-white silk upholstery trim with burnt orange Greek Key design. I would wrap my Barbie in it and would think about making her a dress out of it. For realz. That's how long ago I loved Greek Key. I never made the Barbie dress, but last year I did spring for this beautiful, crisp green and white fabric with a variant of the Greek Key pattern to make myself a pillow.  I've specially made this pillow case for you to win here today! Visit rules here.
There are several variations on the Greek Key pattern, here are just a few examples.
Greek Key Ribbon - 1 1/2" x 3 yds - Greek Key Design Orange and White
108" Burlap Knife Pleated Drapery Panel with Greek Key Trim- Custom
Personalized iPhone 5 Case 4 / 4S or 3G or Samsung - Greek Key - Custom Designed Cover - original design by a drop of golden sun

Also, see an excellent HOUZZ  greek key round up.
To learn more about the history of GREEK KEY pattern check it here.

Hope you like the pillow! It could be yours!
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  1. Love this pillow! You'll have to let me know where you got it!

    1. Heather, I made this one. But there are several (million) pillows made with the same fabric on ETSY, which is were I first saw this fabric. Just go to ETSY, search Green Greek Key Pillow and you'll find one. I used a picture from ETSY to show this. But the one I made has this fabric on the front and just white cotton canvas on the back. :)
      I LOVE looking at pillows on ETSY to get ideas of what fabrics are out there.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Macay!!! Bright and Happy, just like you!

  3. AHHHH! lOVE THIS!!!! all of it. the pillow is amazing. I made shower curtains out of that fabric.

  4. I Love a good GREEK KEY! Crisp and architectural and a great way to infuse color when you don't want a fussy fabric ;) thanks for the comment! Keep popping in to Commmona-my House!