Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to tie a Tiffany & Co. style bow

One of my favorite memories about opening Christmas gifts when I was a teenager has to do with my Grams. She would always wrap things beautifully and creatively.  She also, showed her wicked sense of humor, because she would find and save boxes from Tiffany & Co., Gumps, Nordstom, Worth, Saks Fifth Avenue, Godiva and the like and when you opened the box you never knew if you were going to get a legitimate AMAZINGLY FANCY gift or whether you were going to get a pair of crappy socks in a Tiffany box.  That was Gram. She thought it was pretty funny to trick you into wondering what you were going to get.

Today I thought that I'd share a little wrapping/bow trick...
How to tie a "knot-less bow", just like a Tiffany bow!
There are so many gift bags and stick on bows that taking the time to beautifully wrap a gift seems like a lost art to me. But giving beautifully wrapped gifts is a gift in itself.

When I worked in Philadelphia, I worked at a PR firm just around the corner from Tiffany & Co.
I once was tasked with coming up with 12 awards for a charitable dinner that I was helping to supervise for a client. I got to help the Tiffany staff wrap the engraved vases that had been chosen to be given as awards.  They taught me how to tie the Tiffany way without getting creases in your  ribbon or using tape and knots.

Satin ribbon is best to achieve this look.
Here's an excellent tutorial from the blog Everyday Treats.
Hop on over for her step by step pics to walk you through this easy and timeless way to tie a ribbon...even if you don't have a Tiffany box or something other than socks to put in it!


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