Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Mercury Glass Techniques

After yesterday's Mercury Glass give away and discussion, I thought I'd share some DIY Mercury Glass ideas and techniques. 
I've tried this before.  Its not too complicated, and not to expensive...just right for a fun, low cost way to get the Mercury Glass look on just about whatever object you want (a lamp would be fabulous).  If you 're nervous, just try it on a $ Store item or recycle a jelly or mason jar to test it out.
 Whether your style is modern and streamlined, traditional, vintage, etc. you can use these methods and have something spectacular.  Just make sure that you don't put anything wet directly into a vase, say, that you've used this technique on. It not only will change the paint, but will also spoil fresh cut flowers...thanks to my friend, Candy, for that info! I spent $7 on Spray Paint and used an existing ornament that was something I had and just didn't like very much (at all) any more. (It was a brassy finish and all of my other ornaments are more silver these days). So I took this brassy ornament and followed the steps on the Percolating Projects Blog link.
The ornament above is my DIY Mercury Glass. The bowl it is in is one that I purchased last Christmas. The finish on my DIY Ornament has stood up better than the bowl that I purchased, funny, huh?!

 I made sure to let it dry completely for 24 hours. I agree that KRYLON is the best to use. I tried a few other just silver spray paints and it is not the look you're after.
Here are the best tutorials, in my opinion, that are out there:


Here are some pictures of this project to inspire you!!!
I think I'm going to tackle the mason jar idea next!
DIY mercury glass

DIY Mercury Glass

diy idea:  berries/mercury glass

Love creating new heirlooms!
(No one needs to know its spray paint, shh!!)


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