Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorating with books for Christmas

I've mentioned before that I am  a book lover.  (Remember this post)?  
I stumbled upon a few of these pics and wanted to share these little decorating gems with you.

Grab a stack and make it your own style!!

Vintage Books, Christmas Decor 

{same idea}

 Stamp on books christmas decor

#lulusholiday This is so absolutley perfect for our house. i have to tiptoe around to avoid book avalanches. so much space in the house is taken up by bookshelves already so theres no room for christmas stuff anyways and were  just young couple starting out without money to spend on  christmas decor  anyways ...seeing this christmas tree really made my day. :)

This last picture below, is a very formal, traditional display, using one book, but it is a lovely music book.  I love this idea and have Christmas books out and open like this throughout my house.  My husband's Grandfather's scriptures are open in our living room to remind us what Christmas is really about.  Again, it doesn't matter what your style is, you can even use a special children's book and leave them open. I put my Christmas books in an old tin box underneath the Christmas tree up until Christmas morning (we don't put gifts out until the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve). The kids love going to look under the tree and to pic out a special book to read each night before bed. 

TG interiors: Christmas decor at our house...  <3 urn with balls & old music book

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