Friday, December 21, 2012

a bit rustic 'round my house, too.

My earlier post about RUSTIC CHRISTMAS has me looking differently at some of my own Christmas decor that I've sort of collected and added to over the years. I'm glad that I'm starting to think of defining my own style, a bit. It helps me, and maybe it will help you, to make, purchase, refine your own home to reflect your own style.  I think my own style is eclectic (a little bit of this, a little bit of everything)...but I thought I'd share these pictures of my own love for rustic design.

The barrel above has pine branches and sticks pretty much just shoved into it, with tags (my kids initials) dangling from the branches. 

Skis above my picture wall in our family room.

 The giant angel wings (about 4 feet in height)  come out and take center stage in a main room at Christmas.
A few objects on my mantle...simple candlestick, mason jar with pinecones, spool with ribbon and box wood garland. 

Have fun adding little touches here and there. Even if you're not entertaining in the next few days...the little things can add so much to the warmth and happiness of your home.


  1. Love your style! I have jars with pinecones on my mantel too! :-)

  2. Thanks, Andrea! I can never have enough pine cones. They're not easy to find in our yard in OK!