Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Christmas Craft: Paper, Glitter & Glue

I love making crafts with my kids. But I'm a perfectionist, yes, I'll admit it. So sometimes it is hard for me to sort of let go of the reigns and let the kids have at it.  But with simple supplies like paper, glitter and glue, as long as you have sworn them to keep the glitter in a controlled area and help you clean up all of the glitter when its all said and done, it will turn out great!  Here are my favorite projects involving paper, glitter and glue.

Let Your Heart Be Light Wall Sign.  Posterboard, glitter & glue.  Click on the pic to follow the instructions and link to the download for these letters in the font shown.

Light Bulb Ornaments. OK, so this one doesn't use paper, but rather a light bulb.  Repurpose and Recycle old light bulbs. Paint with glue, roll with glitter and add a ribbon.
light bulb ornament christmas

Cardboard and glitter trees.  This one is so clever...you use anything you have laying around, like an old cereal box, cut the shapes and glue, glitter and voila! A Winter Wonderland!

Merry Christmas garland. Click the pic below to go to Honey and Fitz to download her template and directions for this simple garland project.

Christmas Glitter Art.  I'm sort of fond of the stag! You can find a stag head silhouette here!

And my favorite: Glitter Trees. Made from Magazines.  Can be mod, vintage, traditional..whatever your style.

Always put down newspaper or use a paper plate and a plastic spoon to control glitter.  But be prepared for  a bit of a clean up.  I love sparkly things this time of year. 


  1. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE these crafts!!!

    1. Me, too!! I'm going to let the kids pick which one they'd like to make on their first day of Christmas break! Thanks for commenting!