Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Give Away Day 1: NATE BERKUS DESIGN BOOK

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The Things That Matter


I wish I would get stuck on a cross country flight sitting next to you, Nate Berkus, and then we could be best long distance friends, texting each other when we find fabric that we love.
I'd be Gwyneth Paltrow to your Beyonce. And my kids would call you "Uncle Nate" and you could take long weekends to come and visit and help me install wainscoting in my dining room or change my bedroom ceiling fan to a chandelier while my husband isn't looking.
(Ok, I'll stop now, but only because my sister, if she is reading this, is rolling her eyes).

But his design philosophy is pretty much how I've felt my entire adult life.
His design book, "Nate Berkus, The Things That Matter"  is more than a coffee table book. It's a beautiful and touching memoir and design philosophy book, hoping to inspire you to surround your homes with things that are meaningful to you.  Reading this book has allowed me to rid myself of the guilt I used to carry for my "love of things".  I'm not talking about, "I love that couch and HAVE TO HAVE IT".  In Nate's view, loving a "thing" or an item doesn't make you materialistic or an idol gives you the chance to remember, to feel, to connect with special moments, times, and people in your life.  In this hectic world we live in, I can't imagine a better way of making my house a home, than to include in places around my home, personal objects that will connect me and my family to who we are, where we came from and what we believe. In this way, we personalize not just our space but we elevate our environment in order to enrich our daily lives.

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  1. thank you Nate for not judging me on my Idol worshiping...or furniture love. Thank you. I thought I was the only person who held that view. That justified materialism because I actually really did LOVE a furniture piece, that it spoke to me and made my heart do funny flutters. Because it was beautiful. Not because I was trying to be showy or be trendy. I will need to check out his book!

    1. Lauren, we were separated at birth, Dont you know that? We have so many things in common. Yes, you would love this book...wish I had another copy to give. Thanks for your imput, AND THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!

  2. also I love your blog logo design. and am a bit ticked because I have commented a few times now and only just realized they havent been posting. In a previous comment I said I love the name of your blog. So I am saying it again. Love it. You are so cool

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I needed an outlet. Hoping to make this a happy thing in my life and maybe find a career direction at some point. We need to get together in OKC or the next time you come up to Tulsa!? Thanks for checking things out here, I appreciate your opinion!!! Come back for the next several days-more giveaways!!! XXX000!

  3. I love good furniture. I speaks volumes. An empty room with 2 great, studded, leather couches is 100x better than a modge podge collection of hand-me-down pieces (Not that you can't do great things with those random pieces of furniture). Annnnyway.... sounds like a great book!

  4. So true, Sam! Agree that it is smarter to have a few good things than a whole house full of things that have no meaning to you! Thanks for being a member!!! You have a GREAT chance of winning something this week! :) XXX)))!