Monday, December 31, 2012

Hanging Plates

hanging pretty plates in the kitchen

The idea of hanging plates on your wall isn't a new one. I love hanging "things" as art on my walls.  Instead of  rectangular framed art, rectangular framed art, rectangular framed art...this is a fantastic option for bringing color and style into your living space.  Whether you are traditional or modern, you can pull this look off simply by the plate(s) you hang and how you hang 'um.
I've used the old wire hanging devices like this,
 Product Image, and they are just fine BUT there is a new product that is FABULOUS and hidden. Pick these babies up at Hobby Lobby, hardware stores and online for a seamless look.
The Flatirons <em>Disc</em> Co. 4" <em>Disc</em> Adhesive <em>Plate</em> Hangersor  One 5 Inch Invisible English <em>Plate Hanger Disc</em> Ebarb:)

and start planning an hanging one or 20 of your favorite plates!

The Look:

What caught my attention was the curve of the placement it creates a more modern and contemporary way to hang things that we collect - I am thinking mexican pottery type - or cheep repro anything!  Plates work! anywhere -

hanging plates on kitchen walls add so much.

Invisible plate hangers...DIY



Hanging Plates

tips to hanging plates



  1. I was wondering about the disc hangers. Good to know they will work. I have a collection of black and white plates in my dining room above my buffet. They are from my grandma and thrift shops - a fun inexpensive and easy way to decorate!

  2. I love this look. Must be pretty in all black and white. Thanks for sharing! :)

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