Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013, it must be the year of Emerald Green!

I had an emerald green prom dress.
I must have been 20 years ahead of my time.  Because emerald green is projected to be THE IT COLOR of 2013.  Last year's projected IT COLOR was Coral. And it totally was. The previous year was AQUA, and we are still seeing the popularity of Aqua everywhere.
Emerald is a special hue, not just any old green...I keep thinking of the line in the Bare Naked Ladies song "If I had a Million Dollars". It goes like this:  "If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a green dress, but not a REAL green dress, that's cruel".  I've always loved that line because I think we've all seen and maybe even worn a  really ugly green dress in our time, but emerald green dresses are HOT.  Buy a green dress. Paint a dresser green.  Throw a green pillow in the mix. Infuse this bold green into a room, but do it in your accessories or as an accent.
Not just any green will do...I'm saying here and now, stay away from avocado and go for bright, fabulous, green with envy emerald!
Eye-catching emerald green #ikat
silk-cotton by Madeline Weinrib
emerald green
Emerald and White crisp chevron curtains, emerald  greek key pillow, floral silhouette pillow.
bold gray and emerald green dining room
green curtains and hint of greenery in bowl table centerpiece
Mason Jar Lamp  #coloroftheyear  @Pantone
Bottle Lamp
Now THAT'S one swanky barn door.  Pantone Color | Emerald Green | 2013 | Design
emerald green carved door
Emerald Green Sunflower, Duralee Decorative Pillow Cover, 18x18 LAST ONE
Bold Green and White pillow
Bentwood chairs + Kelly green curtains
curtains and greenery
Retro dresser in Annie Sloan's Antibes Green Chalk Paint by Malenka Originals.
Retro dresser in Annie Sloan's Antibes Green Chalk Paint
Serena and Lily Bedroom.   "clover spade" fabric on chair and pillow 
Capel Junction 3625 Dark Green Rug
green graphic rug
Serena and Lily bone jewelry box
So if green jeans
Gwyneth Paltrow models jeans in a fresh green.
and green sweaters
 and green dresses 
Perfect silk dress, so flattering, found on sale, in my size at Anthro. Looks better crisscross-wrapped and tied on side or in back!
and green purses  
washington street treesh
{Kate Spade}
 aren't enough for you, then you'll be thrilled that you'll be seeing quite a bit in decor land that is EMERALD GREEN this year!
 And I'd like to hope that with all this green on our minds, that maybe this will be a year with steps in all things GREEN, as in environmentally green.  I'll be sharing eco-minded posts throughout the year  to help us all along the path to having greener households :)


  1. Those green curtains are what I wanted in my Tulsa house in velvet. Stop telling everyone to use green! I hate it when everyone steals my ideas;)

  2. HA! They would have looked gorgeous!!! You and I are separated twins at birth, but your the "pretty twin"...
    I've had apple green (not emerald) velvet curtains that R has refused to "let" me hang for 3 years now. I even pulled them out last year at Christmas to put up in my taupe family room and he insulted them (and me) but I think they're divine. I'm holding on to them in hopes that someday I'll have just the right place for them. Or just enough nerve to not care what R says!
    thanks for stopping by! I need to get down to see your new place. Oh, and did you get the mercury glass cachepot in one piece? Been worried...