Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm not a big fan of the word AMAZEBALLS, but that's what came to my mind when I saw 
this So Cal living Room Makeover. 

This is the Southern California home of a friend of a friend of mine.
It was designed by Alison Royer of BDG Style.
Here are the before shots and the after shots, I think you will be blown away by this transformation,just as I am!



To see more of this makeover, including close up pics of the new mantle tiles, lighting fixtures, accessories and rug detail, head over to Alison's blog: BDG Style.

The look:
-Pale green paint color helps balance all of the white wood work and lighter furniture
-No window treatments keeps things light and bright
-All main upholstery pieces (soft pieces + rug) are light, tonally similar in value
-All woodwork, molding, mantle details are painted white and new mantle woodwork draws eye up, -creating the illusion of height (look at the difference between the befores and the afters on this point).
-Reflective accessories (mirrors and silver pieces) help add to the light and bright atmosphere.
-Not too many decorative objects cluttering things up- there is a clean asthetic happening here.
Simple + Elegant.
-Pops of color come in the green walls, pillows and decorative items on the mantle and table tops (books and flowers).
-And the arrangement of the room counts for big points here. Alison didn't shy away from putting the sofa in front of those awkward window cut outs that show through to the dining room. She created a cozy and close arrangement, making the room feel less narrow by having the furniture run vertically in the room rather than horizontally. This sets the mantle up for full view without anything really obstructing it, like a couch running horizontally would.
-SO, Pops of color here and there, crown molding and architectural detail, minimal window treatments, silver accents, books, and just enough black and dark wood to ground things and keep them from looking too frou- frou.

This look is so my style. Traditional, Elegant but light and airy with pops of bright colors and bold prints in the accessories. It says light and happy.  What an incredible transformation. {and is it me, or does one of those pillows look like the Greek Key one I made for the Dec 12 days of Christmas Give Away, I think so!}
And seeing this makeover helps me to realize what I gravitate to and why some of my darker rooms aren't necessarily me.

I just love popping in and visiting other people's homes...don't you?
Hope so!

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