Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splurge or Steal

When I was a kid and I'd help out at my father and grandmother's Auction Gallery, there were phrases that would continually float around in the air. One of my favorites was "Deary, you have Champagne taste on a beer pocketbook" other words, I had expensive taste and a small budget. I think no matter what your budget is, before you make purchases it is always important to know what else is out there of comparable design, so that you can gage whether a splurge is justified for quality or craftsmanship, for example, or whether the steal is just as good and a score!!!
So, keeping with today's other post Tiny Tempa, I mean Tiny Tables: the tiny table trend, here are a few examples of achieving the same look on vastly different budgets.



antique brass side table


Spanish Colonial Drum Table Antique Brass


Antique Brass


Splurge or Steal?
There are so many options on the market today that are similar in design. Some of the STEAL items may even work out better for your space depending on the finish, size, etc.
Gives you something to think about when you go to purchase things doesn't it?
And it makes the $49 Restoration Hardware table look pretty darn amazing, right? Just goes to show you that even high end retailers like Restoration have awesome discounts and deals from time to time.


  1. I wish I could see the world through your eyes. items I would glance at and think 'oo that's pretty' or 'oh I like that' or even 'I know the perfect place for that', but you can look at the same item and see its design history and elements. I want those viewing glasses:)

    1. wow, thanks Briana...when I see things, I can appreciate them..which is why I have a tough time defining my own style...I sort of like everything! I love your style and would love to feature some of your special things around your house that are meaningful to you! You have such a fun and oh so cool style about everything that you do. thanks for stopping by and reading the post today! XXXOOO!