Tuesday, January 22, 2013

She's a "Modern Vintage Rock & Roll"

So, there is this incredibly kind, fun and perfect couple I know, Maren and Grant. They are so in love, so stylish and so tall.  They have a beautiful little baby. They seriously are like the family you see in the black and white photo that's already in the frame when you buy it.
And they are cool.  Yup, they have sort of a cool, modern, yet vintage, sort of Rock & Roll vibe.
In the past year, they've bought their first house and they are having fun making it their own and experimenting with their style.  They go to flea markets for fun and aren't afraid to take a leap.

So what is this "Modern Vintage Rock & Roll" vibe that I think their home exudes?
Take a look at what's going on at their house:
Maren's living room: Chevron rug, painted, tufted Chippendale Sofa, mirrored coffee table, gray walls, bold accent colors in pillows and art work.

Bold rug, bold solids on sofa and pillows.

This is a painted  upholstery sofa.
She mixed 2 parts paint (blk on left) to one part fabric paint medium (small bottle in center),
and painted the woodwork detail gold (bottle on right).
This little chest is a gem! 
To learn more painting upholstery like Maren did, check out these other projects here and here.
I'll also be spotlighting one of Maren and Grant's DIY Pallet Projects here on Commona-my house tomorrow!
Sneak Peek at their DIY Pallet Book Cubby
So, how do you create a Modern Vintage Rock & Roll room of your own, you ask?
If this is your style, here are the main components that I'd keep your eye out for:

-It's eclectic but not junked up. It is a little of this and a little of that, but things still stay uncluttered, unfussy and have either clean lines or bold color/texture, with only a few exceptions here and there.
-Shiny objects with bold lines.
-Statement pieces like gilded gold mirrors and retro/vintage pieces.
-Industrial hints here and there.
-Bold colors, bold patterns as accents.
-Ecclectic accessories....like different lamps, pillows that don't match one another, etc. Don't be matchy matchy, you want to look like you've acquired and collected or just ended up with all this fabulousness. --

Don't let this look fool you...there is an art to really being able to tell what works and what doesn't with this sort of space.  Fall back on scale and overall tone and like I said, never be too matchy matchy and you'll win with this look.

Thank you, Maren and Grant, for sharing your home and your style with us! Your passion for making your home reflect your style is contagious!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see more of Maren and Grant's ideas, with their DIY Pallet Book Cubbies!!!

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