Friday, January 25, 2013

Elle peeks in on Ginnifer Goodwin's Arts and Crafts Movement Bungalow

This month, Elle peeks in on Ginnifer Goodwin {Once Upon a Time}and her LA home.
It is an old LA Bungalow. And it is gorgeous, in a vintage, understated granny chic ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT bungalow sort of way.
Take a look at the pics and tell me what you think...
lovely look that is Vintage Poetry?
or gray, dreary and Once Upon a Nightmare?

ginnifer goodwin
Interesting photo wall arrangement.  Traditional chairs and upholstery choices with more of an industrial or what I want to call a West Virginian edge...I don't know why..maybe the vintage industrial thing going on with all of the monochromatic gray and the different rug pattern seems very arts and crafts to me.
I like that she chose a seagrass rug to balance out the  sweet purple tufted ottoman. The green  and purple saturated hues paired with naturals and neutrals creates a soothing effect rather than a heavy effect.
farmhousishness table and bookshelves add personality
Girlfriends in LA play Monopoly, apparently.
Lovely desk with a pop of color and
bottom right, here is her entry hall with WILLIAM MORRIS WALLPAPER.
Yes, that is Arts and Crafts Movement in full  effect.
I wish that the photographer had taken more expansive room shots instead of sort of little vignettes.
But I like it. I think it is a more sophisticated take on Vintage.

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