Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maren & Grant's Pallet Book Cubbies

You all met Maren and Grant's home yesterday! Their home exudes a sort of Modern Vintage Rock & Roll vibe.  And they're fearless.  Maren wanted pallet book cubbies for her little boy's nursery and Grant got to it! Here are their amazing DIY Pallet Book Cubbies!
He cut away parts of the pallet, sanded and Voila!!!

There is an excellent tutorial on LITTLE LUCY LU, that gives step by step instructions to this project.
and another DIY Pallet Cubby Tutorial from ME and MADELINE
Because these are starting out as raw wood pallets, I'd recommend sanding the heck out of these before you put them near little hands....some of the other DIY pallet projects that I've seen recommend power washing the pallet before hand...they are after all industrial cast offs and you never know what they've been used for.  Here are a few other versions to get you thinking about DIYing this yourself!

And a painted version from LITTLE LUCY LU
Stained version
Another raw wood version
because it shows just how functional you can make every little area, if you want to ;)
There are so many pallet projects out there, but I think this very functional and simple project is worth doing.
Thanks again, Maren and Grant, for sharing your creativity with us and opening your doors to host us!

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