Friday, January 18, 2013

Love freebie from me to you, XXXOOO.

I made my own freebie for you. I've been inspired by so many other bloggers that share their ideas and creativity with us all that I've made one to share this time around.
Just click, save the image, print on cardstock. Frame, put on fridge, hang on front door, use as cards,  use as a tag and hand someone a pint of Ben & Jerry's to drive the point home, etc.
I love the {now} old Sarah McLaughlin song "Ice Cream".  It was actually a favorite song of one of my ex-boyfriends {the one I broke up with in order to start dating my now husband, but I still cherish and celebrate the love I had in {most} of my past relationships and the memories and experiences of people that I have loved and who have loved me... things that have made me who I am today}.  I've always loved the song and what it stands for...sort of quirky, sort of true for girls to say that they love you more than ice cream or sounds fickle, but if I love you more than ice cream or chocolate, then that is loving you a whole awful lot.
 P.S. You know I had to give you options:


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